Custom 4x6 Portrait Frame

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Frame Customizer Steps:

Step One: Click “Add Image” to either upload your own printable image or click the “Designs” tab to search our large catalog of patterns and stickers.

Step Two: After uploading or choosing a pattern make sure that it spans every side of the frame by dragging out the expand arrows located on the lower right of image. Position your image or pattern how you would like it to fit and wrap around the edge of frame using frame guidelines. Notice you have options to rotate your image or pattern using the rotation icon located on top right.

Step Three: At this point you may add text or other graphics to your Chameleon Displays Custom Frame by again clicking on “Add Image” then uploading your own graphic or choosing stickers from our library. Add as many as you like. Scale them as much as you would like. To add text click the “Add Text” button second in the top right. Enter your text then click Add Text. Choose different fonts and colors inside the text tool to get your name or message exactly how you want it.

Step Four: Once satisfied with your Chameleon Displays Custom Frame Design you can hit that “Add To Cart” button to continue with checkout process or hit the “Save Product” button on top right to save it and come back later to finish up your masterpiece.

The Frame Design:

This is the first frame design of its kind. Our patent pending (yay!) process enables cool designs to wrap all sides of the frame. The frame includes hardware that allows you to change out your pictures as much as you want.

Reimagining Traditional Frame Hardware:

We all relate to the frustrations of traditional frame hardware…the metal pins that get caught under your fingernails, the turn buttons that eventually break off (tape anyone?), hanging frames in general (if only we could see through the frame!), and last but not least, trying ever so slightly not to tip over the frame on your shelf (dominos anyone?).

So we went to the drawing board (CAD drawing board that is) and engineered the following hardware to make your life a little less stressful.

Each of our frames comes with the following hardware:

  • Abrasion resistant plastic glaze
  • 2 chameleon hand backer-holders (our custom version of turn buttons!)
  • Recycled plastic backer to hold your favorite photo in place!
  • Rigid bendable recycled metal hanging wire, sturdy and safe for your wall.
  • Easel rod for displaying your frame on a table or bookshelf.

Frame Dimensions:

  • 4x6: 1 inch depth x 1.25 inch face. Over-all dimensions: 8.25 inches x 6.25 inches
  • 5x7: 1 inch depth x 1.50 inch face. Over-all dimensions: 9.75 inches x 7.75 inches
  • 8x10: 1.25 inch depth x 1.50 inch face. Over-all dimensions: 12.75 inches x 10.75 inches

Extra Accessories:

All of our frames can be used with our mirror, chalkboard or dry erase white-board accessories. An additional magnet accessory pack can be purchased to hang your frame on a metal or magnetic surface, like your refrigerator or the inside of your school locker!