About Us


Chameleon Displays was a company brought about from Ed, Jessica and Jonathan’s love of displaying collectibles.

We are a family that loves the ocean! We surf, scuba dive and play with toys (well I do!). We began our frame design journey after Ed was introduced to a new material that was sturdy, light-weight and made with recycled plastic. He had an idea, really an epiphany, that this material could be used to make customizable frames by first printing on the material then origami folding the prints into frames. This allows images to be customized on every side of the frame.

Jonathan then designed a customizable LED-lit shadow box because current shadow boxes available were boring and had to be taken off the wall to place collectibles in them. I saw a material that I could use for scenes behind my toys for display. Brian? Well we are waiting for him to grammar-check my work with his handy English degree!

We have been in the display industry for over 20 years and have designed and engineered many projects for large retail companies. Our goal was to make unique and fun frames, shadow boxes and toy displays using plastic that otherwise would end up in landfills or worse yet, the ocean.  We thought “chameleons change their skin color based on their environmental cues…let’s call our company ‘Chameleon Displays.’ Just like a chameleon, we can change the look of our products by printing different images on them!! Plus chameleons are totally cute!

We are committed to helping the environment one recycled plastic frame at a time and donate 1% of all sales to: Clean Ocean Action. Choose from one of our fun frame designs or send us your own artwork to be displayed on your custom frame!


Is our passion.